Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shark Free Marinas!

Mark the Shark has just killed another Tiger Shark.

At 14 feet and 1200 pounds, she must once again have been a pregnant mother, like the other Tiger in the Bahamas and the two Hammerheads killed by Bucky Dennis. And then, there's the upcoming abomination of Mr. Donlon in Ft. Myers that is specifically targeting more record-sized and thus pregnant Sharks.
That's what "game" fishermen do for fun, the more as their Association has no ethical problems whatsoever to sanction those killings as legitimate records. In my book, that's being tacit instigators, accomplices and enablers. Even the hunting community doesn't do that anymore - and thankfully, there seems to be growing opposition to those gruesome trophies even among the fishermen themselves.

But the cold facts are that all of that is perfectly legal.
All of our vocal condemnation, petitioning and picketing are not likely to change much in the short term. Game fishing is big business and we're hopelessly outmanned and outgunned.
Yes, I'm repeating myself! Again!

Which brings me straight over to the Shark-Free Marina Initiative.
It's a great idea that started with this post by Shark Diver in September, 2008. Type "Shark Free Marinas" into the search box of Underwater Thrills and you will be able to follow its gradual inception by several enlightened marinas in the Bahamas.

Now, it's being rolled out on a global scale via its own org., website and blog

This is smart Conservation aimed at organic cooperation instead of confrontation, via a nifty feel-good campaign. Good for the marinas, good for the Sharks. And I'm sure that the ultimate thrust is to educate the fishermen in the process.

Smart, cheap, effective - Conservation bootstrapping at its best.
Kudos guys!

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