Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WA Shark Cull - Public Assessment!

There are new developments.

For once, this is good news - media statement here.
As hoped for, there will be a Public Environmental Review of the Shark cull, with a four-week public submission period.

But please, be careful with those submissions!
There will be a formal process (good fact sheet here!) and those dudes are not those maligned politicians but people that generally know what they are talking about and that are able to distinguish good arguments from sharkitarian BS. So once again, please spare yourselves the insults, the platitudes and the pathos and make sure that what you submit is grounded in fact, for which you will need to inform yourselves.

Please follow the advice of the leaders.
My preferred source of information continues to be SOS where Ryan Kempster has been leading the fight from day one. He is in WA, is a Shark biologist and as such, he disposes of the required knowledge and also, of invaluable contacts within the scientific community. Here is an excellent resource and please do peruse the open letter by those 100+ Shark experts as a starting point for your argumentation.
Conversely, DO NOT follow the advice, or whatever, of the crazies like Brush and the likes, and DO NOT utter the dreaded O-word!

NGOs: Leadership and guidance please!

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