Tuesday, April 29, 2014

El Diego!

¡Ay! Que guapo!

So this is he, the piscatorial pride of Colombia.

Standing, ecstatically - by popular demand!
Sorry no bikini clad "disenfranchised youth" quite yet - but we're working on it!


El Not Impressed D'oh said...

Oh, for F#@k$ sake!

If you could distill my thoughts on that image it would be the girl on the right - she's not impressed.

Can El Diego handle this fish with any less respect?

Could El Diego be any less callous?

DO we NEED images like this floating round the net?

No, we do not.

Love the work.

Respect the shark.

DaShark said...

I KNEW it - try as you may, there will ALWAYS be some sniveling retard taking exception!

And to think that we've even added a genuine INDIGENOUS FISHERMAN for balance!

Why dontya just F#@K off and go hug some Shark somewhere else!

jsd said...

The shark is smiling.