Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Frisky GWS!


Film stunt or for real = no bait?

IMO this is genuine.


H/T: Mr s-r!


jsd said...

There's a second boat visible behind that looks like some sort of sport-fishing boat. My guess is that this (dive?) boat was down-current of whatever they were up to (fishing/bait/chum) which brought the shark in.

Nice piece of spy hopping by the GWS.

...But there again perhaps the shark just doesn't like the colour blue.

Shark Diver said...

I've seen GWS bite motors and and a skiff at Guadalupe. With the motor running, the skiff gives off vibrations and the sharks my do a bit of a test bite, not a good thing, when you are in an inflatable.

I've also seen sharks bite the props and cages, without any bait in the water.

The nose of the sharks seems to be pretty pointy, for an adult, but I can't say for sure, if it was indeed 5 meters long

DaShark said...

Oh... now it's the shape of the snout is it...

jsd said...

If you compare the height of the second dorsal fin with the diameter of the eye, subtract the difference (in mm) and apply the Schodenfassbender-Brank Formula*, you get a TL of 15003 mm +/- 4 mm.

* it's complex

DaShark said...

Elementary my dear Watson!

Megalobomb said...

If you're at the surface of the water in white shark territory, you got a good chance of being bit - no chum or bait necessary! Tip: Always keep a broom handle onboard (and patch kit).