Sunday, April 06, 2014

Kiwi Invasion!

Intrepid: Mike (camera) and Riley (long fins) on location - click for detail!

Apologies again!
Here's another one I should have posted much earlier.

Actually, make it two!
First, we hosted a small 3-day shoot with Mike Bhana of Wild Film who is producing a Shark program featuring young Shark researcher, conservationist and presenter Riley Elliott. Considering Riley's public palling with the Hawaiian whisperette, I must confess that we did agree to the project with much trepidation - but we could not have been more mistaken.
Mike is the real deal, a true mossback of Shark cinematography - and I must say that I'm rather impressed by Riley who comes across as highly personable, knowledgeable and pragmatic, i.e. nothing like his portrayal in the social media. He may well be the next big thing in Shark-related media - and here's to him navigating the countless pitfalls and never losing his integrity!
So far so good!

And then, there was Demian.
This time it was less of a whirlwind cameo, meaning that he did finally find the time to come for a dive - sporting an All Blacks t-shirt that nearly got him killed! 
Joining him, among many others, were Mark Bond who supervises Projects Abroad's BRUV research in Beqa Lagoon; and as a total surprise and to my great delight, Jess Cramp who was so instrumental in bringing about the Cook Islands Shark Sanctuary. The team are here for another two weeks or so where they are scouring the archipelago, I might add, in style, working on MPAs and also tagging oceanic Sharks.

And BTW!
You South Africans - you may want to ask Mark who, exactly, got the biggest Bull Sharks! :)

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