Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drones - breaching GWS next?


Story here.
Which obviously begs the question, who is gonna regale us with equivalent footage of GWS from places like South Africa!

Eagerly standing by!


Megalobomb said...

We've actually tried to use drones many times, but most drones (then at least) need very low wind conditions to operate. Low wind conditions = good visibility = sharks less likely to predictably breach on anything (at least in Gansbaai anyway, False Bay would be a different story!).

Anonymous said...

Try and see "White Shark - Living legend" beautiful aerial footage of a breaching white shark... and also a breach filmed by a diver fron underwater.

ah and where ?


Megalobomb said...

Yep, ABC4 also got some breaching shots from a towed blimp, I think that was for "Impossible Shot" - which was an apt title!