Monday, April 21, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie!

Diego Cardeñosa inserting a tiny PIT tag for estimating the population size via mark-recapture - source.


We got ourselves another minuscule Bull Shark!
Kudos to Projects Abroad's Shark supremo Diego for having doggedly persevered and finally managed to hit the right combination of habitat, current, temperature and salinity!

May this be the start of many more such exploits?
We shall see. For now, it's an A+ for sheer determination - the question being, is this the pathway to triumphal glory or will it lead to utter piscatorial ignominy instead?

No pressure!

1 comment:

Wait, What!? said...

Who is this "Diego Cardeñosa?"

The image suggests he might be a shark researcher, and yet I see no face shot of him ecstatically standing over said small shark flashing obligatory hand gestures.

In fact, I see no evidence of bikini clad "disenfranchised youth" standing about in support.

How are we supposed to BELIEVE this is actual shark research when said shark researcher is behaving in such a strange fashion?

It's as if he is focused on the actual work and not worrying about his social media presence at all.

Strange times we live in, strange times indeed.