Monday, April 21, 2014



Remember that redescription of Sharks and Rays?

Try not to be deterred by the pathos - just keep an eye on those Grey Reefies that are recognizable by the black trailing edge of their tails.

Notice those big white tips on the first dorsals?
Those would be those infamous Carcharhinus wheeleri, the (Short Nosed) Blacktail Reef Shark, one of JSD's favorite photographic subjects - compare to the Reef Whitetip and the Silvertip that are equally featured, and then compare to these "normal" Grey Reefies.
Convinced? Me, not so much!

And those Sharksuckers at 0:46?
Go wonder - must be some Maldivian thing as Lill saw the exact same mobbing on a trip to the Maldives in November of last year!

Good to see so many Sharks in the Maldives!

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jsd said...

' of JSD's favorite photographic subjects...'

- Only because they were the only thing that showed up!