Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Californian GWS - no CESA listing?

The whole gamut of the US Shark conservation scene, from absolute scum all the way to Shark conservation royalty, with a sprinkle of con men, all in one picture!
Priceless - and no I'm not telling!

Have you seen this?

U.S. west coast numbers in the 100s?
Number of adult great whites swimming off our Pacific Coast alarmingly low?
If something doesn't change, they could disappear forever?

Absolutely not true.
The NE Pacific GWS population is already sufficiently protected, much larger than previously stated and on the increase. Far from being a crisis, this is actually one of the greatest Shark conservation success stories. Oceana knows that but was apparently trying to use the listing as a subterfuge for shutting down the Californian drift gill net fishery.

Looks like this may now be moot.
The ESA and CESA listing saga is inexorably drawing to an end, and it looks like my revised prediction is about to be confirmed. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is following the viewpoint of NOAA and is recommending to not list the NE Pacific population of GWS under CESA.
Here's to this finally putting and end to this ignominious chapter of Shark conservation BS and according waste of resources and donor money!
Not impressed - again!

And the Californian drift gillnet fishery?
There's a bill to shut it down, Oceana is still at it, and  Jonathan is still vehemently (a euphemism!) opposed to it. I lack the facts, and the time to properly ascertain them - but from the gut, I'm with Jonathan!

But I'm digressing.
The California Fish and Game Commission will make the final decision about the GWS listing shortly.


Jonathan Gonzalez said...

Thank you for covering this issue, and thank you for sharing a link to the AB 2019 opposition fact sheet. I'll be attending the CA DFW commission meeting April 16 where they will be discussing the status report. I'm sure Geoff from Oceana will be there. Fun, fun, fun...

DaShark said...

Sounds like fun indeed! :)

Good on 'ya for keeping them honest!
Mind you, not that I think that they'll suddenly see the light and reform - but the public and the donors need to know!

Jonathan Gonzalez said...

Can I please have your email address? I can't seem to find it and wanted to send you these links with great news!




DaShark said...


Please write to the dive shop, they will pass on your message!