Friday, September 20, 2013

Operation Requiem - NOTHING huh!

Well well.

Talk about having ears on fire!
The pageviews of the Operation Requiem post have literally exploded, meaning that heaps upon heaps of people have chosen to click on the post instead of reading it on the blog, most likely in order to check out the comments.
Betcha that many of them are associated with those orgs, and betcha that this scribe has been the object of a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth?

And yet, there have been ZERO comments in support!
Not a single voice defending the oh-so-noble intentions and stellar achievements of those people, not a single attempt at justifying the project, let alone the stupendous expenditures, not a single answer in response to the following simple questions?
  • Is the babemobile under its vociferous captain honoring the given assurances and patrolling the waters of Tonga, Kiribati and Vanuatu that gave such warm welcomes?

  • Are the SSCS and/or the Shark Angels working collaboratively with those several South Pacific governments and NGOs as announced - and if so, where, and what are the results?

  • And what of those LMMAs - what is the progress there?
Is that really it?
Is there really gonna be zero accountability for this monumental fiasco?

And if not - lemme cite myself.
It's all so fucking pathetic.

Under the executive direction of Andersen who would give an arm and a leg, or for the matter, any body part for being featured on national media, the Shark Angels have become the repository of all those hypocritical Shark media whores, starting from the great pornographer all the way down to all those desperate self promoting wannabees. No wonder they endorse Shark Week - they all desperately want to be in it and will certainly never bite the hand that could once propel them to perceived fame and riches!

And the others?
I'm frankly totally baffled.
Not the shameless self promoters. Not the Sea Shepherd drones. Not the media whores. Not the Shark pageant kids. Not the chicks with the moldy duck wings.
Those who really want to make a difference, who invest hours upon hours of their free time trying to educate the public or running campaigns, those who want to get the job done and don't appreciate and are frankly embarrassed by those relentless pathetic shenanigans by the narcissistic leadership and its cronies.

WTF are you still doing there - you are being tainted by association!

You know who you are.!


Tropical Selkie said...

I'm not defending anyone. However, it is worth pointing out, I think, that names/headshots and bios on a webpage don't really mean much, on their own -- unless it gives specific job description or says Board of Directors (even then, in some cases delving deeper can reveal more webpage fluff and less actual involvement or work with the 'organizations' webpage).

There are more than a few 'conservation' webpages, not to mention Facebook pages, that are the equivalent of a 'shop sign' hanging outside an empty building. One only needs to do a little research and ask a few questions to see what is what. This applies across the board, in my experience.

Self-promotion is not conservation. Obviously.

DaShark said...


That MO was pioneered years ago by the bogus research institute in Princeton, NJ.
What boggles the mind is that people appear to take everything at face value instead of engaging in a minimum of due diligence before declaring one's allegiance and parting with their hard-earned money.

Then again, that's how successful con artists operate: deploy a whole lot of smoke and mirrors in order to find ever new credulous victims.

Anonymous said...

There is a vessel lurking in Ha'apai, when asked what they were doing was told "its a secret" so that must be a good thing right!

DaShark said...


A vessel belonging to... ?

Anonymous said...

The Bridget Bardot - SSCS

DaShark said...


Likely Whale-, not Shark-related - find out, there's no such thing as "secret" in Tonga!

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

The Bridget Bardot - SSCS Lurking?

Sounds a bit off, unless...yes, yes, they must have come back to spend MORE SSCS donor money.

Perhaps draining the last vestiges of $960,000 in donor dollars doing an awesome job of saving sharks in the South Pacific from last year.

NOT saving sharks you say?

Bah, here is the list of accomplishments from last year, and I DEFY anyone in the broader shark conservation space to try and top this list:

1.Got banned from Fiji:

2. Made friends with dirty shark killing long liners:

3. Took lots of interesting sefies (snapshots of no particular interest):

4. Pumped out heaps of breathless, yet understandably simplistic (moronic) press releases:

5. They went home:

So THERE, you see, they did stuff and spent piles of donor money like drunk longshoremen.

What else would YOU do with close to a million dollars for sharks?

No answer?

Then lay off Julie and her crew who are spreading the gospel of "St Paul the Conservationists" as best they can to anyone who will listen or pay attention to them.

You can watch St Paul in action saving whales below (video), first class donor money being spent here I can tell you.

Glad to hear they are Back in Da South Pac...should be a t-shirt logo that one, is it?


DaShark said...


Anon: may you by any chance be peeping from a Golden perch? :)

Anonymous said...

I do like the view from my perch as you say!

DaShark said...

If you are who I think you are, and the perch is what I think it is - good on 'ya!

As in: getting there! :)