Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Only one Shark - but Heaps of Bikini Bimbettes!

Machete AND ski pole - that's how you do it! Click for detail!


This could not have come soon enough!
With the epic Sharknado being a tad light on the BB's, we can now all look forward to a, wait for it..... Bikini Snow Day no less! Talk about a veritable feast - for the eyes and most likely, for the Shark!
The question being, will it beat this bikini count?

AKA Sharkalance - epic!
Awesome storyline here!


OfficetoOcean said...

In casting Brooke "Hulk's daughter" Hogan in the Hooper type role, I really feel Sand Sharks has a rare level of believability in the shark B-Movie genre

Tropical Selkie said...

OMG. Ski pole in one hand, machete in the other. AWESOME, even without the snow-shark!

Anonymous said...

Get's two thumbs up from me! Ahhh, crap, someone's got that tag line. How about as far fetched a s a bucket of horse crap from China? Nail head struck with gusto.