Sunday, September 01, 2013

Adopt a Bull Shark - T-Shirts!


The good news is that those shirts are great.
They are not some el cheapo knockoffs but genuine pre-shrunk Gildans, navy blue with egg-white design. And the entire profit we make will go to running the GFSC.

The bad news is that they're not cheap.
Price is FJD 60.00 VIP. Plus, they are essentially only available if you come diving with us. We could send them to you, but that would most likely add another 30.00 to the bill - but should you insist, contact us and we will certainly do that!

And please, keep giving generously!


Shark Diver said...

Mike, I don't know if you can bring shirts when you come to DEMA. I would be more than happy to ship them for you to anyone that orders them from the US


DaShark said...

That's certainly a possibility and if so, I could also ship them - but November is a long time from now and customers may not want to wait that long.

But thanks for the offer!

Tropical Selkie said...