Monday, September 02, 2013

Shark Strikes - Map!

View Larger Map - and yes this is interactive!


We don't generally "do" Shark strikes here.
But this is absolutely amazing, so there.

Remember this post?
The question was whether globally, there is any statistically relevant correlation between the location of Shark strikes and that of baited Shark dives - and now you can go and explore it for yourself. 
Keep in mind that many baited Shark dives have been established in places where there already were Sharks = where the baseline risk may have already been higher - and yet I would surmise that the correlation is close to zero! Take for example Fiji - zoom in and you will receive the confirmation that there have been zero strikes in the vicinity of our dive site in the South of Viti Levu! BUT, there may be a Shark lurking in the Monasavu lake! :)
And now look at Florida or California where Shark feeding is illegal!

Once again - q.e.d!


Clare said...

This is really nifty! Any idea who produced it?

DaShark said...

Alas I don't!

Here's where I've found it!