Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sharks and Oxygen - again!

Video here!

And the saga continues.

And, it just gets stupider and stupider!
Now, if we kill all the Sharks we won't be all gasping for air - now, and I cite, the algae that produces 50% of our oxygen grows out of control. This would have two dangerous effects. One would be the increase of oxygen in our atmosphere...
Yes, that would be too much of the stuff!

And since we're at it.
Is it me, or is this stuff equally asinine?
After a full two thirds of the Love Letter has been expended enunciating trivia about Shark strikes that has done nothing for Sharks but on the contrary, and I cite again, probably scared you out of the ocean, let me tell you why I love sharks... first, there is the extremely low statistical probability of attack. This in itself should be enough. 
I mean, seriously! And don't get me started on the stupid factoids - or do YOU worry about toothless Sharks and love them because they got no bones? 
Whatever - right?

Sigh... and so it goes...

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