Wednesday, September 04, 2013

David- Flow Chart!!

And talking of which.

This could not have come soon enough.
And it is certainly applicable to writing articles and blog posts etc, too!

Bravo David - love it!
Here's to the dipshits with an opinion and a keyboard heeding the advice!


WhySharksMatter said...

Thanks Mike! One thing I'd like to stress is that people that aren't experts can still help shark conservation in many ways. They just shouldn't be leaders or vocal public faces.

DaShark said...

Looking at the plethora of Shark experts polluting the media, I dread that word!
Plus, the expertise should really extend to the specific topic - see the nonsense that is being spouted about Shark provisioning and Shark tourism by academics that however have zero experience in the matter!

But other than that, fully agree!

Tropical Selkie said...

Love it. 100% accurate. I think the same flow chart could also apply to:

1. starting a new shark or marine non-profit or foundation (seems like there is new one every day, and most are not doing anything particularly unique...) -- possible exceptions include those that are locally focused in under-served areas.

2. leading 'citizen science' or conservation or eco-tourism trips; if you've been in the field for 5+ years, maybe; otherwise, leave it to the pro's until you get the experience

3. Making 'conservation' videos and featuring YOURSELF. Just stop it; it is not about YOU. So transparent. Seriously.

OK. Done.