Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adopt a Bull Shark - Announcement!

Hey Everybody!

Thanks again for your donations!
We have 20 days left in the campaign, and we're trying to get more people to visit our Indiegogo page. We've decided to start a little competition and see who can refer the most people to our page. Every time you post a link to our page using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and one of your friends clicks on it, it is recorded for us.

The person who refers the most people to our Indiegogo page in this way will receive the shark belt bag at the top! The person with the second highest number of referrals will receive this hammerhead shark puppet!

So please share this link.
Thank you again, and share, share, share! 

Good luck,

Adopt A Bull Shark Team, Shark Savers
Natalie, Samantha, and Jennah

1 comment:

Tropical Selkie said...

Thanks, Mike! Maybe YOU will win the shark fanny-pack?! If so, I'll bring to you at DEMA and expect you to WEAR IT. hahahahha. :-)