Monday, September 30, 2013

Adopt a Bull Shark - we have a Winner!

Soon to be named!


Taryn has won the week of diving!
And not only that - far from donating the minimal amount, she is making the highest of all donations and as a consequence, she's also going to be naming this lil fella whilst earning a grand total of 10 full days of diving with us! Betcha that I already know the name she's gonna choose, and betcha that she plans to turn the prize into a 5-day dive vacation for two - and if so and because this is simply epic, we're adding 4 days and converting it into one full week for two!
Because we can! :)

Thank you, you're a star!


Tropical Selkie said...

THANK YOU, Taryn! Enjoy your dives and all the amazing bull sharks of Shark Reef Marine Reserve. And, of course, a giant THANK YOU to all the wonderful 'adopters' and donors!!

We'll be announcing the second winner very soon! :-)

OfficetoOcean said...

Congrats Taryn and well done all involved with this great project.