Thursday, September 19, 2013

Go diving with Sharks!

Thanks Samantha!

Please check out this article.
Of course we all know that Sharks and Manta Rays are worth more alive than dead, especially where they support tourism ventures but also when considering the ecosystem services they provide - but still, it's always nice to see it printed in b/w!

Well done.
And for once, I will refrain from rehashing the caveats! :)


Tropical Selkie said...

Thank you, Mike! Not only for posting/sharing but especially for skipping the caveats....we've been there, done that. A LOT! Cheers. :-)

DaShark said...

Welcome! :)

As stated somewhere else, the scientific cavalry has taken notice, and they are coming - so I'm not gonna further preempt their findings but instead wait and then gleefully watch as the massacre unfolds! :)