Friday, September 27, 2013

Adopt a Bull Shark - one last Push please!

This is what you can see if you win one of the two prizes - awesome pic by DaMary! Click for detail.

Last chance!

But first things first.
Thank you Shark Defenders - the brilliant and passionate team at Shark Savers has indeed been instrumental in many Shark conservation successes and really deserves the support of every Shark enthusiast!
Much appreciated!

As the project is drawing to a close, some of the very best perks like this one-of-a-kind, epic t-shirt are still up for grabs. And this awesome little Shark is still without a name!
PLUS, you can win two whole weeks of Shark diving in Fiji - one by chance and one by smart timing!


1 comment:

Tropical Selkie said...

What a great experience this has been. The kindness (wonderful messages and comments) and generosity of the donors and even people who just visited the #adoptabullshark site/page has been AMAZING!

And all our partners have been sooo generous and supportive too! WOW! Thanks to each of them x1000.

Wish fundraising could always be this fun, educational and interactive!!

...and thank very much again, of course, to you and your awesomely BAD team!! ;-)