Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pilfering Whale Sharks!

Scrambling for a snack - stellar pic by Michael Aw

Timbo just told me that he's leading a trip to Biak.
Apparently, there's a gaggle of tame Whale Sharks that are being fed (Anathema!) Fish scraps by local fishermen. I was initially highly skeptical as I've always considered them to be particularly dumb - but having gone searching, I found a whole plethora of reports confirming the fact, among which a nice Nat Geo feature by Michael from where I've pilfered the above pic, another one by Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock and a trip report by a a couple of everyday travelers.
Long story short, I stand corrected - as so often!

And here's a nice video of this amazing behavior.

And here's another one!

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