Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Post!

Blue Shark, apparently still regularly sighted around the Azores. Pic Justin Hart.

From this piece by tharu1.
The (California) ban is still good legislation because it removes the incentive to kill sharks in pelagic longline fisheries. These species do not face biological extinction, but sustainable population numbers are important to maintain the ecological balance of the pelagic realm.

Case in point, the quasi extinct Blues off California.
As Scott Cassell opinionates, the disappearance of those Sharks may well be one of the causes of the recent upsurge in Humboldt Squid. Dunno if anybody is looking into this scientifically but the correlation is certainly plausible. Read this for correlations to the El Niño and its effects on the North Pacific Hake fishery.
Time for some giant calamari - recipe here!

Oldie but goodie here!

Anyway, nice to see a voice of reason away from the usual hyperbole!

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