Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mexico - the killing continues!

More Bulls have been killed in Cancun.
The pic above is from yesterday and as Joel Gonzalez Chiñas of Scuba Cancun comments, no se puede hacer nada, ellos tienen sus permisos de pesca y no esta prohibido (aun) sacar tiburon.
The announced Shark fishing moratorium cannot come soon enough.

The enforcement? Meh.
Case in point, there has been a huge seizure by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens right off South Padre Island.

"We have here probably two to three miles of gill net that was placed in our waters about four miles north of the Mexico border right off the beach," Sgt. Dunks said. "Unbelievable amount of sharks anywhere between two and three thousand black tips, bonnet heads and sharp nose shark in here right now."

Check it out - all babies.
What a waste!

The Mexican nationals that set the illegal net in Texas waters were not captured.
"It is all we can do," Sgt. Dunks said. "They get over here in a matter of two minutes and be back in Mexico in a matter of two minutes…The guys we have caught in the past have flat told us that there are no more fish over there and that is why they are coming over here."

If the US authorities cannot tackle this, what about the Mexican ones.
But, it will be a beginning - especially in Cancun and Playa where the dive ops will be undoubtedly watching!

Once again, and by now rather unsurprisingly: big kudos to Pew!


Angelo Villagomez said...

Surface to surface missiles would help. Americans haven't gone to war over fish, yet, but I'm sure we will before the century is out.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Beware of the SINO's Sanctuaries in Name Only.

Mexico will be a prime example of this development in shark conservation.