Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Florida - getting there!

It's a slow day in Paradise so I have time to catch up on developments.

It very much looks like the Florida legislation is well on its way.
It will not curtail the commercial Shark fishery that is principally happening in federal waters. But, it's a great step towards protecting those large pregnant females that come to the coast to give birth where they will continue to be targeted by the trophy hunters as long as the IGFA keeps certifying those disgraceful all-tackle weight records. And, it may well limit some of the slaughter perpetrated by the likes of Mark the Shark.

Incidentally, I was happy to see the above picture.
Those two big guys in the center are the Shark Brothers and it is vital to have well regarded recreational fishermen like them come and testify in favor of the Sharks, which they always do. Kudos and thank you!
I'm a game fisherman myself but personally, I do not like targeting Sharks as it is way too easy, and I particularly dislike land based Shark fishing (and am wary of shore fishing in general) where the animals need to be fought hard, exhausted and dragged all the way to the shore - this on top of other issues that are enumerated in this eloquent petition text. I fully concur!
But a lot of people do, and having the Shark Brothers trying to reform Shark fishing by advocating catch and release (and links!) certainly helps bring about real, tangible improvements. In that context, please read this post that I found excellent indeed.

So here's to a positive outcome of the legislative process!
This is not a done deal quite yet, so please do follow the recommendations by Shark Savers and if you live in Florida, do go to the final public hearing in November!
Thank you!

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