Saturday, September 03, 2011

Video by Hugh!

Hugh and David in one of our Mangrove restoration sites.

Cool stuff!
This is a small showreel of Hugh's Fiji footage for David's Of Man and Shark. Hugh Fairs is an accomplished underwater shooter with a lifetime of experience, and a real great guy on top of that. You may not know it but you've seen quite a bit of his work recently, this largely thanks to his development of the REDSEE housing allowing for super slo-mo captures underwater.

The technical aspects?
This was shot on a Canon D7 in a Nauticam housing and although extremely well shot, I must say that technically, I'm not at all convinced. Yes it's full 1080p and the camera's sensor is impressive, as is the housing: but this is still nothing more than a prosumer hybrid rig with limited functionality compared to a truly dedicated HD camcorder, and the results show. Having now seen quite a bit of D7 footage from Shark Reef, the limited image correction options and the white outs are rather glaring and will require quite a lot of hard work in post. Certainly nothing the BBC would ever remotely consider accepting for their programs!
Having said that, it's a great rig for traveling and if it's for shooting a nice hi quality home video, go for it! And, it's a GREAT stills camera!

Anyway, I'm digressing as usual.

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