Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great Testimony by Matt!

Oldie but goodie - Whitetail the Sicklefin Lemon by Michael Aw.

From the Pew Environment Group's website.

Matt Rand, director of the Pew Environment Group's Global Shark Conservation campaign, provided testimony for a public hearing on sharks protection led by the Marshall Islands Senate Committee on Resources and Development. He discussed the importance of protecting sharks, explained the basic components of shark sanctuaries and congratulated the Republic of the Marshall Islands for considering the creation of the world's fifth shark sanctuary.

Here's the testimony.
This is once again as good as it gets, factual, exhaustive, compelling - required reading for anybody wanting to advocate pragmatic and science-based Shark conservation away from the usual hyperbole and moronic pseudoscientific drivel. See any reference to the Ocean's oxygen production?
Very well done indeed!

I had to laugh when I saw
The growing demand for the Asian delicacy, shark fin soup, has led to the killing of up to 73 million sharks a year. That number again! Not totally wrong but you may want to re-read this - nobody knows what led to the killing of those Sharks! Detail detail!
Getting there though! :)

I was particularly impressed to read that
Pew would be interested in working with you on (1) educational, (2) enforcement and (3) research needs. We have been talking to the Marshall Islands Conservation Society at the national level and the Micronesia Conservation Trust at the regional level on how we might be of help in these areas.
Totally right down my alley!

Anyway, great that the Marshalls are considering the sanctuary.
And great that good people like Stefanie, Sen. Hee and Pew are there to provide for assistance as and where requested!

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