Monday, September 05, 2011

Gut gebrüllt Löwe!

Well, here's to Wolfgang - again!
The unverwüstliche doyen of cantankerous Shark conservation (I might be peeling the paint off buildings but in keeping with the same analogy, when he gets going, he flattens whole house blocks!) has given an interview and I must say, it is as good as it gets.
As usual!

Really, nothing to add to what I wrote here.
Except that as time goes by, our friendship keeps growing. We're finally gonna meet again this November and I already know that it's gonna be the highlight of this year's trip to DEMA.

Anyway, again, this is not a laudatio.
Legendary as X-RayMag is calls him will suffice.

Machetjut Alter!


The Sharkman said...

The world and Sharks need more people like Wolfie.

DaShark said...

And like you buddy! :)