Friday, September 30, 2011

Is Junior back in Town?

Howz Junior gonna look: still like this?
...or again like this?

Quite possibly!
The sat tag got connectivity issues but according to Michael Domeier, the Sea Surface Temperatures indicate that two years after the foul hooking and one year after the re-sighting and a second loop through the SOFA, the literally and figuratively much abused Junior may indeed be back in central California!
Not bad for a Shark suffering from a, what was it again, compromised caloric equation - and yes, I’ve re-read the various threads and lemme tell ’ya, it has been painful!

Will he be re-sighted?
Maybe even by the same Scot Anderson and Sal Jorgensen from the TOPP labs who filmed him the last time and whose video was then shared? And if so, will they and/or Stanford and Monterey Bay Aquarium and/or the GFNMS share any ensuing evidence, and this regardless of its nature?
Or may he be spotted by one of the two operators in the Farallones?

And what about the, and I cite
ruptured and infected tumorous trauma that is necrotizing the musculature of the upper right (starboard) mandibular/palatal quadrate, this according to the undoubtedly infallible verdict by somebody who has a fair bit (no pun) of experience regarding both white shark predation and scarification and markings diagnostics and predatory forensics?
Has the injury tumorized and necrotized further - or may it now look like any other painfully trivial healed Shark bite on a painfully trivial healthy looking Great White?

Bruce before and after

And, may we be headed straight towards a new round of accusations, name-calling and ad hominem attacks, first against Domeier and the methods he uses to tag sharks, and (then) between commenters?

Questions questions! :)

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