Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The October issue of Tauchen features an article about Shark feeding - and of course, the man with the yellow hood is none other than our unequaled Rusi. This is but one of many great pics from MPO's latest visit to Shark Reef.

Haifütterungen - das große Fressen!

Was verbirgt sich hinter Haifütterungen?
Gefährliche Geldmacherei oder sinnvolle Naturerlebnisse? Wir stellen die Pro- und Kontraseite gegenüber und geben Tipps, wie man für Sicherheit bei diesen Adrenalin-Tauchgängen sorgen kann und wo man seriöse Veranstalter findet.

More as I can get my hands on the magazine.
I must confess, I am rather wary as in my experience, many Germans divers are adamantly opposed to Shark feeds, and this in a particularly judgmental and ill informed manner - very much also courtesy of the token whacknut.
Fingers crossed that this is gonna be different!

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