Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Howard Hall: Sharks of Fiji!

SRMR last week - still busy but many Bulls are pregnant and are going to leave soon.

I just stumbled across the following.
Most of it is footage from 2002 when Howard and Michele re-visited Shark Reef after filming Coral Reef Adventure. This is thus pre-BAD and pre-SRMR which both happened in 2004.
Howard was on rebreather, hence many scenes are featuring the drop-off past the Arena. From what I can discern, the nosy Tiger Shark is notorious wrecking ball Adi. The rather spooked lady is Michele - here is her recollection of the event.
Other than that, you can spot Whitetail on 00:25, Joker on 00:35, Crook on 00:53 and a much younger Granma on 00:43. Very interesting to find out that they were already there before I started naming and monitoring them in 2003!


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