Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wild Waters - new must have Book!

From the description by Michael Patric O'Neill.

Wild Waters is a pictorial and written journal illustrating a handful of vibrant and diverse aquatic ecosystems — Indonesia's Komodo National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bali; Brazil's Bonito region; Mexico's Guadalupe Island; and my home for the last twenty years, South Florida.

On a global scale, these locations cover insignificant, minute territory, but they are unique and contribute exponentially to our planet's richness. These hotspots of biological wealth deserve our immediate attention and care. At the very least, people should be aware of them to understand what's at stake when our actions threaten sensitive areas.

Wild Waters showcases celebratory images as well as those depicting our heavy and messy footprints on the natural world. These photos are more relevant than ever because they can inspire us to make things better. As you follow my bubbles in Wild Waters, I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed making them.

This is what I like about the man.
Apart from being, without a doubt, one of the planet's leading underwater photographers (awards list here) and photojournalists, he always weaves in a message about conservation. Very much the educator, among his stunningly prolific list of publications, he has found the time to author a whole series of books for children that aim to educate and to foster an in-depth appreciation of the natural world.

Anyway, check out the sample pages - that's what I call being a pro!

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