Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Bravo Alison!

Alison Kock got principles and I say well done!

Halle Berry is filming something Shark related in SA.
This is a Hollywood production and as such, a great chance for global exposure and making some serious money on top of that. And yet, when asked to participate, Kock refused - and even managed to weave in some good pro-Shark sound bites!

As the she told the Daily Mail.

"After reading the script we decided it was not something we would like to put our names to.
Our mandate is to try to change people's perceptions of sharks. The first script that we got sounded very much like it had a thriller aspect to it and a personal kind of aspect to it as well.
But fighting off a shark, or surviving a shark attack - we couldn't see the positive side of that, as much as we tried."

Well said - and see? It's that easy not to be part of Shark Porn!
Others are obviously not so fussy - but that's another story for another post.

For those who don't know, Alison is an original Shark Angel, does research on Great Whites and co-runs the SOSF Shark Center in Kalk Bay near Cape Town, SA - Blog here.
She has previously been involved in brilliant pro-Shark media like this CNN feature with Anderson Cooper who himself is a real good man.

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