Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shark Diver - the Movie

From Luke Tipple’s Producer’s notes.

I'd never thought to make a film like this.
For so long I've been stuck in the documentary and reality TV mind-set that the entire realm of dramatic programming was a completely foreign concept. Added to that, I've never thought of myself as an actor!

Well, he has done it and I must say that I really, really liked the result!
A long time ago, I used to run dive expeditions to remote locations and more recently, I spent 13 months on a continuous dive cruise across Micronesia and Melanesia. Being stuck on a boat like that was really like being in a prison, with the added risk of drowning as we used to quip. I can thus totally relate to Luke’s portrayal of the monotonous job of a dive guide taking clients Shark diving, the sense of frustration and loneliness that goes with it and the desire to break out and for once do something private, personally rewarding and useful – as the real Luke has done with this movie pilot!

Thing is, I really like the guy.
We’ve actually never met but we’ve interacted a lot in connection with the roll-out of the Shark Free Marinas Initiative, and I’ve found him to be highly professional and committed, and totally dependable – actually very much not like your usual diving jock, let alone your quintessential ozzie macho!
Must be the karmic influence of Patric’s chai coffee!

Case in point, this production.
From a stellar website to the great plot and the unusual filming technique, and yes, the acting, this is a testimony to the talent but above all, to the outright tenacity of the Tipple clan who have delivered a great product against all the odds of having had to go the fully independent and fully self funded route. Kudos to them and kudos to the sponsors and people like Richard and Scott Cassell who believed in the project and added their energy and time pro bono.

As to future episodes of what is meant to be a 6-part series, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Considering the continued economic slump, it’s not gonna be easy finding the funding – but then again, this really is top notch material!
Having asked Luke about where he stands, here’s what he wrote back.

If there's a message to be told it's that there's more to the ocean and sharks than the depths and jaws.
There's real people who daily make a bargain with themselves and the sea that today I dive with you and acccept that that's where I may stay. It's also about how we represent our idols and our fears. The constant negativity towards sharks as portrayed by the typical shark porn centric show is simply juvenile masturbation. It comes from no knowledge or respect for how the job is done and ends in an unsatisfying and lackluster climax.

What do I want from this?
The means to make the next episode. Whether from private or corporate investment I have story to be told and it will be said. As far as a conservation message there's enough beaters knocking on that door.
I just want to make a predator beautiful.

Lean back, relax and enjoy Mark and Luke’s film.
Oh and if you feel so inclined - you can help them as well!

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