Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tiger Sharks eating a Whale!

Pic from here, story here.

Get a whale carcass and the Tigers are there in no time!

This is a dead Sperm Whale off Port Douglas.
First posted by Patric, it's a bloody cool encounter!

As always, I'm struck by how deceptively placid the Sharks appear, and how tolerant of the cameraman - kind of reminds me of the Oceanic Whitetip scene in Blue Water White Death!
Well... I said kind of!

Plus, that's obviously not just your ordinary Shark grabbing whack.
As my friend Pete informs me, Shane Down is a veteran underwater cinematographer with extensive experience in interacting with those animals - and I may add, endowed with a pair of humongous cojones! Believe it or not, the guy is on snorkel!

Needless to say: Do Not try this at home!!!

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Alejo said...

That video was... how the shark can be that kind?? Awesome I was very surprised when the camera man took his dorsal fin and nothing bad happens... incredible.

I truly want to do this one day, without the death whale around if it possible!! Unfortunately right now I'm at this nice Aquapolis water park which is clearly not the same :p