Friday, August 06, 2010

Great Images from Cocos Island!

Great pic from the Nat Geo blog - and more pics here!

Here's another video by Howard and Michele.

They being who they are, it is of course stellar as always.
The Whitetip with the small, possibly endemic Gobio Pícaro and the feeding Spotted Eagle Ray are of course the kind of behavioral images for which Howard is famous. And then the Tiger Shark, maybe even the same male I posted about here!
Great stuff!

What however shocked me were the Hammerheads.
Granted, March may have still been under the influence of the El Niño when the all-important thermocline drops down to below 60m (yes I know that for a fact!) and sightings are thus rare. Still, if I think back to when a Hammerhead school numbered thousands, if not tens of thousands of individuals, this is just such a terribly sad sight!

But over to some absolutely amazing stuff.
Edwar Herreño is a Colombian marine biologist, former guide on the Hunters and now a freelance photographer and videographer operating in Costa Rica. Like his predecessor, the forever unequaled Mario Arroyo, he very obviously brings to the table a profound knowledge of the animals and of the environment where he works.
Please go and check out his amazing website: his imagery is quite simply exquisite and elevates the game to once again a totally new level of excellence. Unbelievably impressive stuff!



Alexander Safonov said...

Hey Mike, do you think this image made with bait or not ? ;)

DaShark said...

Hmmmmmmm... difficult question... lemme think about that... :)

Still, three Silvertips, three Blacktips plus two Whitetips is pretty darn awesome!