Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BAD on Arte!

Denis and his RED One - from this post by Sasha.

Just got a message from Martin Blanchard.

BAD will be featured on Arte this Monday, Aug 16 at 19:50.
Titled Fidji, parfums d'îles this is an episode of Les nouveaux Paradis, a series by What's up Productions that focuses on ecotourism ventures around the globe. You can watch the episode directly, or you can watch it later online on Arte+7 where all shows are being showcased for 7 days after airing.
Arte is one of Europe's most prestigious TV networks and we are really very proud to add this feather in our cap.

This has been a rather challenging shoot.
Martin and sound guru Laurent came to Fiji in the middle of the Lagoon case and working around the temporary chaos did require some, hmmm, flexibility. Plus, the weather was iffy, the viz challenging (see the pic!) and the animals spooky. Luckily, UW cameraman Denis is a BAD veteran, good friend and consummate professional and eventually managed to get the stuff he required - after much frustration and even more perseverance!

I haven't seen anything yet so me too, I'm waiting with bated breath!
Enjoy - I hope!


Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Do you have cable ? I don't have ARTE in HK so I have to ask someone to record somehow ! :-)

DaShark said...

You are joking, right?
Cable in Fiji showing a European show?

No, alas, I gotta wait & hope I can watch it online on Arte+7, then hopefully it will pop up on Vimeo or the like.