Friday, August 13, 2010

Fingerprinting Great Whites

This is way cool.

Story here.


Wildlife holidays said...

This is the way forward. We need a fool-proof way to ID sharks and this seems like the best way. Now fidelity studies can have a real hold on what sharks are where

DaShark said...

Yup this is great for identifying Whale Sharks, Basking Sharks and GWs that sometimes come to the surface.

Others do other things, like in SA where they note color patterns around the gills of Bull Sharks.

We do this - but of course, this only works for sites like ours.

BTW: nice, well documented and interesting trips u got there - well done!

The Sharkman said...

During my 2 trips to South Africa back in 2001/2002, I had spent a lot of time with M.C. Scholl. In fact, on my second trip, I was his house guest.

Michael's knowledge of the South African White sharks is second to none, and his keen eyes would ID a shark the second the fin brakes the surface and he would tell you if the shark is a regular or not, before your eyes have focused on the shark!

Michael was the pioneer in shark fin photograhing ID and his huge database will definately be the ideal bases for such a project.