Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feast your Eyes!

There are heaps of underwater photographers.
Most seem happy to just depict what is but some are artists who always add a special dimension, like the totally unique and forever unequaled Wolfgang. And some, like Sasha, take the time to engage in proper post production by creative cropping and great proficiency with Photoshop.

And then, there's lucky man Marty Wolff.
He has clearly been a professional terrestrial photographer for a very long time and brings to the table the whole gamut of pure and simple total mastery of his trade whereby he always knows exactly how to handle the situation by creatively playing with the parameters of framing, lighting and exposure via shutter speed and lens speed - as it should be but is apparently all too often forgotten!
On top of that, he's a master of post production and I just so happen to be a total fan of the exact same color saturation and temperature he chooses to apply , in some ways very Botelho!

Please go and check out his new website: this is Photography!
Everything is a feast for the eyes, including the Marine section where some of the pics just blow me away - I mean, seriously, just look at that stuff, amazing! That's how you do it!
Needless to say that it contains several captures from the Fiji Shark Dive!

Marty: my utmost respect and admiration!

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Robert said...

Very Beautiful pictures Marty.

Thank you for sharing them.