Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here's to the Aquarium!

And here's to Lori, Mike, Milo and Leni!

This is now the third Shark Free Marina in Tonga.
Forget the old and helplessly dated Mermaid - the Aquarium is clearly the place to be in Vava'u, and not only if you are a yachtie! The brainchild of Lisa and Ben who have moved on, it was taken over by Lori and Mike two years ago and is now bigger, hipper and more popular - and still as friendly as before!

Apart from being a favorite hang out of the decent locals, his remains the obligated port of call of every yachtie visiting the Port of Refuge.
There are moorings for hire, free wi-fi, excellent and cheap food and by far the very best coffee (!) - but above all, this is the place where everybody is happy to help you navigate the treacherous waters of getting things done in a place where time begins but then gets caught in a gelatinous warp of the spacetime continuum called Tonga Time. Don't ask, that's just the way it is, probably a third consequence of the Theory of Relativity!

But I'm digressing as usual.
Well done - and yes, still counting!

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Anonymous said...

Great news, thanks Mike and Lori