Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Arte Clip!

Well, here it is!
I had no idea that there would be an embed code, nor do I know whether this is only going to last 7 days like all programs on Arte+7 - so better watch it right away.

I love it, especially the incredible poise, eloquence and always friendly charm of Manasa - but I'm obviously biased!
And of course, great footage and wonderful, and intelligent editing by Martin who impresses me for having understood a lot in very short time indeed!



Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

When it asked me to "copier" naturally I said yes!

Nice piece Mike.

DaShark said...

Merci beaucoup mon ami!

Not exactly a Shark doco, it's a more general piece about ecotourism in Fiji.
But the sound bites were very pro-shark and overall, I like it a lot - tho hearing that guy speak French with a German accent made my cry like a girl!

Juerg said...

Very, very nice!