Saturday, August 14, 2010

Douglas David Seifert on Shark Feeding

From this February's DIVE Magazine.

I've patiently waited for them to post it online, as they usually do, alas to no avail.
So there, I'm probably breaking some copyright - but I do it for a good cause: this is, by far, the best opinion piece about Shark feeding, ever and it must be read by everybody!
Bloggers: please re-post!

Doug is obviously a friend and a very, very fine human being on top of that.
But that's not the point: having been everywhere, he knows the industry inside out and on top of being one of the very best Shark photographers (just look at those images - again!), he has also garnered an incredible wealth of knowledge about diving with Sharks - and this from personal experience during thousands of Shark dives on every corner of the globe, not from having watched TV from the safety of his couch! Add a razor sharp analytical mind that is able to distill the details into the big picture and draws the right conclusions, and you get this brilliantly written article.
Can you sense that I maybe like it, and the guy as well? (:

Fabulous stuff, and no, not because we are being mentioned - because everything he says coincides one hundred percent with what I believe as well!

So, without further ado - click for detail and enjoy!

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Greg said...

Nice article Douglas. Couple interesting points there too.
Greg Barron