Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Timbo all dressed up in Fijian regalia on his 60th birthday celebration.

Timbo was born 60 years ago in Minnesota - and the rest is legend.

He's currently in Fiji working on a new project of ours (keep watching this space - this is really cool!) and for days before his birthday, I had been teasing him about Scarface, our BADdest Tiger Shark lady.
Thing is, she has an uncanny knack for always turning up for our most important guests and I kept threatening that we would soon discover whether he was the real deal or just one of those countless posers.

We're in the middle of our sharkiest season and the Bull Shark action is simply breathtaking - but at the same time, this is the time of the year where historically, chances for Tiger sightings have been lowest, as they are widely believed to be moving to the river mouths in order to profit from the frequent floods during the wet season. This being an El NiƱo year, rainfall has however been dismal so chances were not completely nil.

And guess what: against all odds, Timbo is now confirmed Shark Reef royalty!
She only turned up for a brief visit during the second dive, took a single tuna head and got the hell outta there - but what a sight and what a spectacular confirmation of Timbo's status!

This is a lo-res quick edit of one of Timbo's pics of Scarface.

As to why she's so uncharacteristically shy, opinions vary.
It may be the assertive presence of dozens of hungry Bull Sharks - but I fear that this may well be the direct result of the shenanigans by other people who continue to try and grab, ride and poke her, be it out of misguided love, bravado or outright fear.
A great shame - and at least to us, a clear confirmation of our policy that prohibits any such contacts, well meaning as they may be.

But I'm digressing as usual.
Happy birthday Timbo my friend!


Tim of the Deep said...

This was a wonderful surprise from the BAD staff and Mike. I can't actually think of a better way to spend the big six-zero birthday with shark diving in the morning and a true Fijian feast in the evening. The food, music and ceremony were wonderful. But the staff really made the day... all smiles and fun. What a great event.
And I thank Scarface (the big tiger) for making an appearance. This really upped my mojo.

Vinaka many times over.



DaShark said...

Timbo, vinaka, the pleasure is all ours!

Unknown said...

What a great b-day treat. And you look great in the "outfit"



DaShark said...


As in Galapagos and Cocos?

How are you my friend?


Tim of the Deep said...
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Tim of the Deep said...


Thank you. Almost as good looking as the "Arrrrgh matey" do rags!!