Saturday, January 16, 2010


Love it!

We've made it into countless dive-related media - but who would have ever thought that we would be featured in the venerable New York Times!

Greg Winter dove with us quite a while ago and if I remember correctly, was merely having a vacation and not on assignment. Great to see that he enjoyed the experience and also, great to see that he chose a completely different angle and choice of words to describe the Fiji Shark Dive.

The pics are by lucky man Marty and once again a testimony to what talented people manage to achieve within the shortest period of time at Shark Reef. Don't miss to scroll through his pictures in the slide show! Awesome!

Marty will be back in July and I look forward to great diving, great conversation and more stellar images!

Thank you Alex for the heads-up.


ARS said...

I feel like making a sculpture of one of this. Granite will be perfect. What do you think?

DaShark said...

I'm from Switzerland - I love granite!