Friday, January 29, 2010

What's Jaws is mine!

Bless Ozzie humor!
I'm just posting this because of the article's title.
Yes poor lil' Lemon - but hey, that's just Oz.


Unknown said...

Why are you posting this kind of videos. A bunch of cowards contributing to the massive senseless slaughter of sharks. This morons should not be celebrated. Shame on this blog

DaShark said...

Would you have been as outraged if it had been another Fish?

Get over it.
People do fish - and that's a good thing because Fish are a renewable resource and 7bn people need to eat.

The question is whether it is sustainable - and if it is not, we need to advocate for legislative change allowing for better management or in some cases, for fishing bans in order to allow stocks to replenish.