Monday, January 18, 2010

Is this effective? And is it efficient?

Check this out.

"Even KILLER Sharks"???

Who, exactly, is this targeting anyway?
And to what purpose? To convince the Shark fishermen to desist from finning the Sharks they catch? To precipitate anti-finning legislation? Will it motivate people not to eat Shark fin soup? Or, to ask that the soup they consume is from fins that have not been finned (now, here's a thought!)?
Plus, how many redundant anti-finning initiatives and PSAs does the "cause" really need?

Being the usual party pooper and like in the case of the Beijing billboards, I cannot but wonder.
If it is true that Shark fisheries are supply limited, we need to talk sustainability and not prohibition. If we want to achieve tangible results, we will have to compromise and not demonize - then, once we sit at the negotiating table, we will have a shot at influencing how many animals get killed, where, when and how. And when spending money for conservation and science, we should do so in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Mind you, just my 2¢.


The Sharkman said...

In my opinion, this clip might even have a reverse effect by some idiots that would not understand it.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

It shows that we are the monsters and we have to be outraged enough to stop it!!

Political incorrectness is the way forward to ensure certain people's and nationalities in the world know that they are not going to get away with it forever!! HOPEFULLY!!