Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From yesterday's dive! Not Mark's 4k but still, not bad for straight from the footage!

I just love the cyberspace!

The little New York Times piece was quickly picked up by several Shark blogs out there. Quite frankly, I did somewhat expect Underwater Thrills to show their usual friendly bias and was not disappointed. Thank you - as always, you are much too kind!

What however caught me completely by surprise was to get an honorable mention on Richard Theiss' iconic RTSea Blog.
Richard has developed into somewhat of an elder statesman in conservation blogging, this mainly due to his always impeccable style and lucid reasoning. Where I tend to rant, he always dissects, analyzes and puts things into context and perspective. Like in the present case: Kudos for having once again understood and told it as it is! Really!

Regular readers of this blog know that I can be safely subsumed under the category of old ornery fart.
As such, my relationship with the modern media is tortured at best, this blog and YouTube being my very last evolutionary adaptations to the ongoing sociotechnological arms race - meaning that I shall not, ever, become a member of any of those pathological networking sites, let alone chatrooms, social or otherwise! And that's a promise!

But life of course being what happens to you whilst you're busy making plans, BAD had to continue evolving.
Enter always radiant Lexi, real estate tycoon, web designer, bloggeresse and cyberspace socialite extraordinaire! It is largely thanks to her initiative and unbridled creative energy that we've completely re-vamped our website and resolved to venture into all that novel socio-stuff, as in Facebook and Twitter. And I must confess, I just love seeing so many Fijians in our still puny Facebook fan community, a fact that gels wonderfully with our original Fiji Shark Project where educating the public is a key objective!

Which brings me straight to our newest venture, signing up to iDiveSharks where Lexi is now happily posting stellar pics by our countless clients and friends.

Well, what can I say, that was kind of inevitable as that's what we do!
Still, we would not have done so were it not for Patric (thanks buddy!) and for the fact that this has quickly developed into the place to be, very much to the credit of its founder and developer, none other than renown award-winning underwater cinematographer and entrepreneur Mark Thorpe.
This is what he does and yes, these are compressed 4k files, as in RED ONE!

Well, to say the least, I am impressed- and of course, jealous as hell!
I met Mark in 2002 in Yap on a short stopover during Pelagian's epic voyage of discovery and boy, has the man progressed since! Kudos!

But I'm digressing as usual.
I just wanted to welcome everybody to a new decade of Shark action and unlimited bandwidth!
Vinaka and Moce mada - cya somewhere out there!


liquidmocean said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the write up mate, my pleasure to have you guys listed over at iDive Sharks. Looking forward to visiting your corner of paradise and hiding away from the onslaught of Cyber Space, if just for a little while.

Cheers again,

DaShark said...

Man, that was the fastest reaction ever!
30 seconds max from the moment I clicked on "publish post"!

With that in mind, you may really be a prime candidate for some lo-tech peace and tranquility - as in being surrounded by vast numbers of large predatory Sharks! (:

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

I think Richard might have something to say about the elder part, aside from that I agree with the assessment.

The guy has a knack of taking the complex and distilling it down.

As for our blanket love for you folks, not so.

There was that time you guys did that thing and we posted about it, and that other time you did that other thing and we posted about it.

Aaww nuts, who are we kidding here?

RTSea said...

Thanks for the compliments. It was my pleasure to bring attention to good media coverage that highlights a good shark eco-tourism operator.

Richard Theiss/RTSea

DaShark said...

Gee, looks like we got a mutual fan club going here... (:

Seriously, your support means a lot, thank you!