Friday, January 29, 2010

Dangerous Soup!

Last time I saw that expression, she was being bowled over by Bum!

Lookee lookee!

Must be the Viking way of spicing up one's dives!
May I venture the bold assumption that rummaging around in Oslo harbor could be safely described as utterly boring - especially after having spent one year among hordes of large predatory Sharks in Fiji?

But when not being aggressed in frigid waters, Lill continues to crank them out like there's no tomorrow.

This time, titled Dangerous Soup, it's an educational piece about the global plight of Sharks in the magazine of Norway's second largest national paper Aftenposten. You Vikings should go and read the story in the magazine itself - we common mortals are simply proud of having made a contribution to creating a very fine Shark photographer and avid Shark conservationist!

Bravo Lill!


(Tiger)Lily said...

...this is absolutely correct, pictures like that (self-portrait, I might add) only happens because of the sad lack of sharks (or anything else for that matter) - and basically total boredom. (Or, my buddy Helge actually did try to off me…)

Well, I was eager in shark conservatism before; as 8 out of 10 stories I ever wrote happens to be about sharks and conservation, in one way or the other.

BUT let me tell you this - the urge to inform the world about what is happening to the sharks has gotten dramatically "worse", after swimming around with the amazing sharks (and talking to shark experts) on Shark Reef in Fiji for one year!

I have learned A LOT - and “make no mistake”, I am planning to use it..!

PS - we DO occasionally find sharks, even in Norway (Oslo harbor!). They are just a tad smaller than the old bulls...: )

DaShark said...

Geeeee... cute!

40+ Bulls today - we've added a category in the database for "too many to count"... (:

(Tiger)Lily said...

What, 40 + bulls - and you guys just give up? : )

Well, that sounds pretty hectic (and totally awesome…). Maybe I should get myself back to Fiji and help counting. (Oh no, I almost forgot, I have some half dead cods and a lot of mud to inspect in Oslo Harbor…)