Saturday, January 02, 2010

¡Me gusta mucho!

Well done Andoni!

He has posted a really pretty and well narrated travelogue of this year's trip to Fiji by the Basque (I think) dive club URTABI.
Despite having been skunked by the horrible weather, the divers seem to have had a great time and the images are truly remarkable - and a testimony to the fact that provided that one has the required talent, one doesn't necessarily need to be sitting in the pit to come up with excellent results!

I even notice some sequences of Maite (e.g on 08:22), the big and mellow female that was named on that occasion. Maite is now a regular and Andoni will be pleased to hear that as the yearly Running of the Bulls is picking up momentum, she has turned up on today's first Shark dive of 2010.


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