Sunday, January 03, 2010

Viking Fun!

Look at her frolicking in the snow!

I'm posting this mainly for our staff and for all of the Pasifika friends Lill and Helge have made over the past year - the more as most of them could not possibly know what Winter in Norway may look like!

Keep in mind that the weather is normally NOT like that but foggy, wet and windy instead, that it's freezing cold (yes, precisely: like in the freezer!) and that the sun may only be out for 3-4 hours - meaning that nights last for approx. 20 hours!

That's why the Vikings had no choice but to become the toughest people in the whole of Europe! And I may add: as tough as Lill who insisted on diving in a semi-dry suit even during the hot Fijian summer!
Go wonder!!

So, now you know!


(Tiger)Lily said...

Well, thanks for (indirectly) referring to me as a "Viking" - never mind the insults! What can I say, after a year of diving in semi-dry in tropical Fiji, just imagine me trying to adapt to my old arctic habitat in Norway. This could either go horribly wrong, OR I might be back in my heavy-duty dry suits and dry suit gloves, looking for gobies, in no time. For now it is quite beautiful over here, with lots of snow and “comfortable” (haha) temperatures between 0 and -15.

PS - My regards (loloma levu?) to all of the staff at BAD! - Lill -

FjShark said...

We miss you Lil, loloma levu to you & Helge..from the BAD boys..

Unknown said...

Hi guys,
Happy New Year to all of you in Fiji!
It's pretty cold in Holland too.
We go ice skating tomorrow.


Fred Kamphues