Monday, January 25, 2010

Tusen Takk!

Yet another brilliant pic by Lill Haugen (yes this is a link)!

Snakker du Norsk?

Me neither, so I really have no clue about the content of Lill's latest article in Dykking, Norway's leading dive magazine - and it sure didn't help that the author felt it fit to send me the following synopsis, and this is textual: Well - it is easy: .....bla bla bla, gla Mike. Bla bla bla something something, bla bla....Shark Reef, bla gla gla.
Must be Viking humor - or the lean diet!

But what a spread - she sure is an impressive photographer!
So, without further ado: Enjoy!

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(Tiger)Lily said...

No worries, my pleasure! And like someone just pointed out: Oh gosh, that guy Mike is saying a lot of intelligent things! Anyway, the short version is "Shark Reef is great - you should all go to Fiji and dive with the sharks".

As for the photos: With brilliant and professional sharks-models like Bumphead, Hook, Chica and all the other big girls at Shark Reef, it is easy to get some good shots (mind you, I DID spend a whole year to get it right, and with my countless technical stuff ups, constantly breaking cameras and inventing incredible new (user induced) errors - I actually needed that too! : )

So, get ready to be invaded by hordes of mad Vikings (again, but hopefully more than just me next time) : )