Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hawaii - at it again!

I just got the following from Stefanie in Hawaii.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, take the time to read this.
In a nutshell, some legislators are continuing to try and close Hawaii's Shark viewing tours.
Ironically, they represent the very people who are the biggest causal threat to the safety of Hawaii's beaches, the fishermen and spear fishermen.

Even more ironically, some indigenous Hawaiian buffoons who claim to have a special affinity to Sharks have jumped on the anti-industry, anti Shark bandwagon by coming up with some sanctimonious and quite frankly, ludicrous pseudo-cultural bullshit (lemme tell you, the Fijians are laughing their head off!) that has been obviously made up on the fly - and this against two operations that have a proven track record of trying to protect the very animals those guys profess to revere. How much more pro-'aumakua can one possibly be? And, when will those spineless Haoles finally man up and take a stand against this all-pervasive reverse racism?
Tragically, this is happening in the midst of Hawaii's biggest economic slump in human memory and threatens to wipe out millions in income from tourists!

But time is of the essence - so without further ado:

Lyla Berg and Gene Ward are at it again.

Since they couldn't kill us in City Council last year (thanks to all of you that wrote and came to the meeting in support), they have submitted bills to this years State Legislative session. That was predictable.

What we didn't see coming, because it seems ridiculous and outrageous, was that they would submit FIVE bills!
All of them basically the same,
just different versions. In response, our Senator from the North shore, Robert Bunda, submitted another bill that took one of theirs and added a clause that would allow us to keep operating to protect small business and the local economy. Rep. Magaoay submitted the same one on the House side. So now there are a total of SEVEN bills dealing with shark tours.

And I thought Hawaii had some big issues to tackle like the economy, jobs, public education....?!

Apparently Lyla Berg continues on this crusade, even angrier than before.
She is running for office this year, so she has taken on the
shark tours as one of her causes to get attention. I am spending a lot of time at the capitol these days. Trying to stay ahead of the curve. Haven't even had time to write this update until today. Things are happening so fast and changing every day that by the time you read this, the status of bills may have changed. We are working on having some of these bills weeded out so not all of the bills will be heard by the committees. The ones that do, will get a hearing date. Unfortunately the notices for hearings can be as short as 48 hours.

If you are willing to help:
Send a written statement of support to these offices:

(This has to happen as soon as possible, because hearings are being scheduled every day. You can use what you had written before for the City council or letters to the editor. Keep it short and sweet and tell them that you are strongly opposed to/appalled/disturbed/ shocked by :) any bills that will kill small businesses.)

- House Committee on Water, Land, Ocean Resources

- Representative Ken Ito (Fax: 586-8474 email:
Reference House bill: HB2459, HB2664, HB2705, HB2483, HB2900

- Senate Committee on Land and Water

- Senator Clayton Hee (Fax: 586-7334 email:
Reference Senate Bill: SB2330, SB2655 (save your letters so you can send them again for the next batch of committee hearings).

If you are willing to come to hearings with us, it would be helpful to start prepping any statements and testimonials you are willing to give. And you could talk to other people you may know who can help since the notice to act will most likely be very short.
If you can keep me on your radar by checking and reading my emails, I will try to announce all action with as much notice as possible.
If you are interested to read any of the bills, go to this page and type in the number of the bill The bills are SB2330 SB2655 HB2664 HB2459 HB2705 HB2483 HB2900

You can also call or fax the offices of our North shore representatives and tell them what you think about these bills

Both, Senator Bunda and Rep. Magaoay are very supportive of our businesses and are going to help us fight the bills. It will only strengthen their commitment to hear from other people that they support the shark tour. Even if you just tell them that you appreciate the fact that they are supporting us. They have been incredibly nice and open and have an open door for anyone that wants to get involved.

- Senator Robert Bunda: 586-6090 (ask for Laura) Fax 586-6091

- Representative Michael Magaoay 586-6380 (ask for Judy) Fax 586-6381

Thanks for your time,
call me anytime if you have questions 778-6740



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